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Personal Injury and Civil Litigation Attorney Serving Lexington, South Carolina

Colin T.L. Spangler

Attorney at Law

Colin T.L. Spangler has been passionate about seeking justice for South Carolina residents since graduating from the University of South Carolina. Colin has taken his zeal for advocacy to win over $7 million in settlements for injured clients in car accidents, slip and falls, landlord-tenant disputes, and other civil dispute litigations. Colin is experienced in handling cases from a misdemeanor to a felony and is available when you need him. He serves Lexington, South Carolina, and the neighboring areas of Columbia, West Columbia, Richland County, and Saluda.


What Sets Us Apart?

We fight for justice at the most stressful moments in your life when you feel like no one else will. Our attorney is a fervent advocate for protecting your rights and providing top-notch client service.


We advocate tirelessly for you, whether you need help with a personal injury case or the use of a criminal defense attorney. We know that no two cases are alike, and our attorney works hard to find innovative legal strategies.


We are driven to seek the best outcome for you. Our reputation is built on putting in the time on each case and never treating you like a number. You can expect to feel like family when you walk through the door.


When you are in a life-altering situation like a serious criminal charge or a personal injury claim, you need an attorney who will put your mind at ease. Our attorney can handle challenging cases and alleviate your concerns.

Practice Areas

Personal Injury

No one can predict when an accident is going to happen. If your life has been severely affected by an accident, you need counsel who will pursue the settlement you deserve.

General Litigation

We will passionately litigate for you in landlord-tenant, business disputes, or contract disputes. It is essential to have a knowledgeable and dedicated attorney on your side.

Estate Planning

Planning for the future is one of the most important steps you can take to protect your assets and ensure your loved ones are cared for.

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Each and every case is different. Prior case results do not guarantee similar results in every case.

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Willing to Go the Extra Mile
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Life can be unpredictable in many ways. Floyd & Spangler, Attorneys at Law, understands that when life gives you lemons, you need a skilled attorney by your side to make lemonade. A criminal defense attorney passionate about fighting for justice can help you protect your future. Our attorney has litigated numerous serious felony cases involving murder, sex crimes, and drug crimes. Our attorney listens patiently and aims for a creative solution that works for you. Your case matters to Floyd & Spangler, Attorneys at Law, and we strive to make the law work for you through innovative strategies and solutions.

We are also diligent advocates if you have sustained injuries in an accident. An accident disrupts your way of life and can make it difficult to return to your former quality of life. If you are struggling with the insurance company, have unpaid wages, or medical bills, we will work to get the compensation you deserve. You deserve the time necessary to heal and payment for your medical expenses. Our attorney will listen to you and keep you informed at each stage of your case because you are important to us. We proudly serve clients in Lexington, South Carolina, and the neighboring areas of Columbia, West Columbia, Richland County, and Saluda.